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Southern Nevada Pest Control

Henderson Pest Control Services for Nevada in: Henderson, Las Vegas, Boulder City, Centennial Hills, Summerlin, Rhodes Ranch, Seven Hills, Green Valley, Anthem, Sun City, and more.

Professional exterminator services, preventative pest control, exclusion, best practices, and trapping services in and around Southern Nevada.

Preventative Pest Control

Thorough pest control service for residential pest control and commercial pest control customers throughout Southern Nevada. While our services are similar to other local and national pest control companies in the Las Vegas area, the one thing that distinguishes us from the others, is our commitment to providing solutions to your pest activity, not excuses. Our customers are thrilled about the amount of time, care, and dedication we provide when a pest problem arises. This is not your typical 5 to 15 minute spray and leave treatment program, we use that 5 to 15 minutes to go over our services we provide to you and take advantage of the other 45 to 60 minutes to provide a detailed answer to all your pest activity.

Specialized Pest Control Services

Looking for a Las Vegas Bark Scorpion treatment? A Las Vegas Bee Swarm service? Or a Las Vegas Cockroach service? We also take care of Las Vegas Pigeon and Rat activity. In order to provide the best Las Vegas pest control service, treatment, prevention, inspection, IPM-Integrated Pest Management available to businesses and residences, we keep up to date with modern techniques, new developments, and product effectiveness. The result: We know how to effectively solve your pest infestations of more than 25 different kinds of property-invading insects, rodents, spiders, scorpions, ants, bees, and more. Identify your Bugs, Insects, Spiders, Rodents, and more.
Our local Las Vegas pest control company has operated in Las Vegas for years, and we work under only the most professional standards. Choose TheLens as your expert Las Vegas pest control professional to gain control over Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Wasp, Bee, Earwigs, Bed Bugs. and more. On your first appointment, we’ll survey the pest situation on your property and provide a free consultation about the treatments, safety steps, and expected results. We’ll answer all your questions about the products and alternatives, as well as explaining how our team works to ensure you get what you paid for: speedy control over your pest problem.
Licensed and Insured Pest Control Services
Contact Us today if any of the pests featured in our pest library are affecting your home or business. If you need emergency service, we offer same day and next day priority in many cases. Once we arrive, we’ll give you a no-risk, free evaluation to help you make the right choice. Save your time and money with a pest control company that goes well beyond applying a chemical to the property. TheLens will make your pest control program the best with a common sense approach to scheduling, servicing, and removing pest activity from your home and business. Take a look at our Las Vegas Pest Control reviews and testimonials.
Looking for exterminators in Las Vegas or Las Vegas pest control companies with great verbal and online reviews? We specialize in more than 50 different kinds of pest, and we’re also qualified to handle a much wider range of pest control needs. If you have a pest problem that’s not covered in our pest library, be sure to contact us for information about what services we offer for your particular needs.
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TheLens Cockroach ServiceSave Half Off (Regular service price)

American Cockroach Single Service –Exterior Perimeter Treatment/Interior As Needed
Regular service price $140.00 includes 30 day warranty (up to 2000 sq ft :expires July 31, 2016)


TheLens Ant TreatmentSave $20 Off (Regular service price)

Ant Control Service –Exterior Perimeter Treatment/Interior As Needed
Regular service price $140.00 includes 30 day warranty (up to 2000 sq ft :expires July 31, 2016)
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